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Branding is all we do and this is all we have done.

Aleyr Research, Identity, Environmental design, Positioning Creating a brand that feels as good as a belly rub.
Codezeros Research, Positioning, Strategy, Brand brief, Identity, Naming Building a brand that is at the epicenter of the next technological revolution.
Aesthetic photo of yellow paper carving of Satvabeej brandmark laid on top of green leaves
Satvabeej Research, Positioning, Brand Architecture, Strategy, Identity Consciousness, not concerns: Branding an organic food and beverage company.
Xference Naming, Identity, Touchpoints, Brand Guidelines Less venting, more eventing with the brand that marries events and technology.
Slangbusters Research, Strategy, Positioning, Identity The most difficult journey is the one leading to finding yourself.
Ecochain Research, Identity, Interface design, Naming Simplified supplychain and blockchain by linking them through branding.
Cryptex Research, Brand strategy, Identity, Positioning A fresh identity for World's first TrueUSD based cryptocurrency exchange.